About Last Year’s Man

Last Year’s Man is inspired by two unhealthy obsessions – great moral political thrillers, and the incredible beauty of the Faroe Islands.

A few years ago I read a news report about the ridiculous logistics of decommissioning international military bases. I figured there might be a story in the people and things that fall through the cracks of an operation like that.  A few years later I think I’ve written it.

So far, the script has been a Euroscript finalist, made it to the Channel 4 4Screenwriting shortlist, and is one of the Tracking Board Launch Pad Top 75 scripts.

About me – 

Hi! I’m Tim. That’s me on the left and headshotin the photo up top, on the edge of Sørvágsvatn lake in the Faroes.

I’m an advertising creative director based in London, with a relatively unusual CV, covering global brands, elections in the US, Caribbean and Africa, and consumer data mining.

I’ve been working with words professionally for over a decade, but still feel like a bit of a fraud. Which I think is a good thing.