About Last Year’s Man

Last Year’s Man is inspired by two unhealthy obsessions – great moral political thrillers, and the incredible beauty of the Faroe Islands.

A few years ago I read a news report about the ridiculous logistics of decommissioning international military bases. I figured there might be a story in the people and things that fall through the cracks of an operation like that.  A few years later I think I’ve written it.

So far, the script has been a Euroscipt finalist, made it to the Channel 4 4Screenwriting shortlist, and is one of the Tracking Board Launch Pad Top 75 scripts.

If you’d like to read the full script or just find out some more about it, drop me a line at timglister@gmail.com or via the contact page.

You can also check out some particularly cinematic shots of the Faroe Islands on Instagram.


About me – 

Hi! I’m Tim. That’s me on the left and headshotin the photo up top, on the edge of Sørvágsvatn lake in the Faroes.

I’m an advertising copywriter based in London, with a relatively unusual CV, covering global brands, elections in the US, Caribbean and Africa, and consumer data mining.

I’ve been working with words professionally for over a decade, but still feel like a bit of a fraud. Which I think is a good thing.

I tweet at @MisterGlister.